Coffee is a global raw material that now more than ever depends on the responsibility of suppliers and their understanding of farmers' problems. Cocar is an environmental entrepreneur responsible for product quality from bean to cup.

Svetlana Guggenbuehl, Founder of Cocar

Our Story

Beginning of a Swiss-Australian-Russian family company specializing in direct deliveries of green coffee from Brazil and Colombia, guaranteeing quality from bean to cup. An exclusivity agreement is made between the world renowned cooperative Expocaccer for the sale of coffee in Russia.

Cocar becomes the official representative of Giesen Coffee Roasters in Russia and adds a new region to its portfolio – Ethiopia.

Cocar becomes the official partner and representative of Slayer in Russia and begins imports from Guatemala.

Cocar becomes the official partner of Barista Hustle and Fellow accessories. Cocar begins a partnership with the manufacturer of packages in China for exclusive deliveries to Russia and brings its first containers from Indonesia and Kenya.

Cocar opens a stock in Riga, Latvia and begins to supply coffee in Europe and Ukraine.

For the first time, the Cocar company organized and held the “National Coffee Roasting Championship” in Russia!

Cocar company has opened a new HQ and showroom in Moscow on Dubininskaya str., 41, where all coffee lovers can feel at home.

Fair prices

Since we practice direct trade we are able to offer you the best prices and payment conditions.

Finest quality

We employ the strictest of quality control standards which means we only trade the finest quality coffees from around the world.

Direct supplier

We cooperate with family farms and farming cooperatives in origin


We are responsible for the environmental friendliness of our product and guarantee this with certified farms and lots of coffee.

On behalf of our company I want to express to OOO COCAR our gratitude for the delivery of the coffee roasting machine Giesen.

Thanks to the timely delivery, operative installation and the attendant technical support, the equipment was launched exactly on time and without failures, which helped significantly our company to increase our volume and decrease production times.

In the future, when ordering equipment, we want to keep working with OOO Cocar, as with a reliable and responsible supplier.


You are cool! Is very easy and nice to work with you. Service and professionalism at the highest level!

Oleg Polotnikov, LES

I work with COCAR since spring of 2017, I found out about them in the Russian Coffee and Tea Expo. Working with them is very comfortable, simply because they always make everything on time and they deliver the coffee to our production without any extra fee. And of course, they have a unique set of coffee, which can’t be found anywhere else.

One Bucks Coffee

We have worked with COCAR for almost a year and during this time we’ve collected a huge baggage of positive emotions. They are ready to help in any situation, this is why COCAR deserved our trust and willingness to work with closely. Perfect beans implied 🙂

We had the chance of evaluate the work of COCAR not only as green coffee importers, but as representative and supplier of Giesen roasters in Russia, and we can say that they gave us unconditional information, support and maintenance in each stage, from the model choosing, to consultation on the routine process after the installation.

We wish you continued success and new victories! You are cool!

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